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Dear 17th ISRLE &3rd ISAB Participants

Thank you for attending 17th ISRLE & 3rd ISAB!

We appreciate your coming over to Shiga and making the time to attend our
symposium. Over about 200 people attended the symposium and all the
sessions were full of liveliness and eagerness. We hope that you had a
wonderful encounter with new information, ideas and friends.

Also, please congratulate best presenters listed here.

<Post symposium information>
You can find the photos taken during the symposium at
The keyword is shown in the email sent by our office on April 18th.

HP and Email
Our webpage and email address will keep "open" until 18th ISRLE starts.
Please feel free to contact us anytime!

The future ISRLE & ISAB meetings, together with relating meetings, are below:
2018: SIL in Nanjing, China
2020: SIL & ISRLE & ISAB in Gwangju, South Korea
2022: ISRLE & ISAB in Wuhan, China; SIL in Berlin, Germany